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Tickets to watch Mrs. Noah Fights Back! are £3.

As a new production company, any extra donations are welcomed and greatly appreciated. If you would like to donate more or are interested in supporting us/ sponsoring any future productions, please head to our donations page or contact us on:

Untamed Productions presents Mrs. Noah Fights Back! written by April De Angelis and adapted by Poppy Abbott. A digital show with original music, laugh out loud jokes and a serious message. Mrs. Noah Fights Back! was originally performed live on Zoom over four performances. It is an environmentally reimagined Noah’s Ark – with a feminist twist.

The play presents a powerful message about the state of the world we live in and was originally performed as a piece of street theatre at the 2019 XR rally in London. An online chat gets interrupted by a rather angry God, played by Lauren Alexandra, (yes, God is a woman in this production – cue Ariana Grande).

​You are destroying nature in cold blood, so I’m finishing you off by sending an almighty great flood!

Noah, played by Jordan Julien, builds his ark to save mankind (and by that he means himself), but his story is outdated and ineffective. It is Mrs. Noah, played by Poppy Abbott, who demands a rewrite.

In a world obsessed with hyper-consumerism, instant gratification and social media, it poses the question: does the self indulgent way we are living our lives impact our carbon footprint? Although the play is written with biblical characters, this production is very much set in modern times; the problems we face are now and are not historical. We all have our part to play.

With theatres being closed for a year, ​Untamed Productions​ decided to work digitally to reach a wide and diverse audience, putting together a female-led cast of actors across London, Wiltshire, Nottingham and Birmingham. With original music by Alice Wolff-Whitehouse, virtual backgrounds, animation and oh so many puns, ​Mrs. Noah​ is bound to bring you a burst of enjoyment in this new age of digital theatre. Untamed Productions ​are able to safely bring the theatre to you.

We hope you enjoy the show!

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