Self Care Part One


While you may have chosen one of the most exciting industries in the world to be a part of, the highs do not come without their lows, and managing the challenges of an acting career is very much an inevitable part of the job. In part one of our Self Care Package we discuss everything from how to stay positive between jobs (and trust us, no matter your success there will always be ‘between jobs’!); how to deal with rejection, and also advice on remaining professional while receiving criticism!

Each of our packages come with a 30 minute online 1-2-1 session with one of the founders of Untamed. You can also purchase a 1-2-1 separately. These sessions are tailored to your needs; we can discuss industry-related topics or we can help you with any scenes or monologues you may be working on. We are very warm and friendly and our aim is to help you be bold, be proud, and be heard.


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