No Worries If Not!

Written by Emma Hodgkinson

‘No Worries If Not!’ tells the story of Grace, a lifelong addict of people pleasing, who prefaces every request with the sentence too many of us are familiar with – “no worries if not!” (and usually with several exclamation marks).

This dark comedy pokes fun at a behavioural habit many of us are guilty of – particularly millennial women trying to navigate the workplace after a lifetime of being criticised for speaking assertively and labelled ‘bossy.’

Giving voice to these silent struggles is absolutely vital if we want to see change, and we’ve worked with qualified mental health professionals to develop a script which tackles some of the most common daily challenges.



Written by Poppy Abbott


Tilly and JJ have different approaches to dealing with turning 30 and finding themselves single. Tilly feels left behind from the rest of her peers, whilst JJ enjoys the freedom of being alone. However, they have one thing in common – they both love to drink. The play explores how the girls cope with dating as Millenials, the realities and pressures of starting a family later in life, and their exquisite ability to both get completely blackout drunk. Perhaps a coping mechanism, perhaps an escape from reality – but, what happens when something terrible happens during a blackout night that neither of them can remember?

Hangxiety, The Fear, Sunday Scaries – join Tilly and JJ as they piece together the night before.

Being the author of the piece, Poppy Abbott inhabits the life of the often desperate Tilly with awesome conviction, with Emma Hodgkinson’s JJ a glorious mix of support and helplessness. It’s a strange comedic hour’s worth, dark and driven but then redeemed from its own worst nature by the spectre of hope. For a play largely and intentionally adrift on an ocean of blurred vision, this one hangs onto an alarmingly tight focus.

Review by Alan Franks for London Theatre 1.

Read the full review here.

Production Images by Michael Delaney

Blackout Film

BLACKOUT has been adapted into a short film, which premiered at The Mockingbird Cinema in Birmingham. The concept was one of three winners for the City on Screen initiative with Pretty Hate Productions. The film is currently being entered in the festival circuit. Check out the trailer below and some BTS shots with the Brummie based cast and crew.

Untamed Evenings

A scratch night for performers and writers to showcase themselves and to try out new material. A fun and relaxed environment to play and explore.

Past Productions and Events

Thank you so much to all our performers who have taken part in our last two Untamed Evenings events in Birmingham. There has been so much talent showcased and some amazing new writing. Thank you to everyone who came down and supported – we’ve had some great feedback and can’t wait for the next one!

Check out all our amazing performers from The Crescent Theatre below:

Mrs. Noah Fights Back

By April De Angelis, adapted by Poppy Abbott

Thank you so much to everyone who watched and supported our production of Mrs. Noah Fights Back! We had an absolute blast working on our first Untamed project and were blown away with the response. Thank you to all our partners, our sponsor Susan Jonas and to Avon Needs Trees whom 10% of the ticket sales were donated to.

Watch the show

If you missed the show, do not fear! You can now watch the production on Scene Saver.

Climate change is incredibly important, now more than ever, and Mrs. Noah is a great way of raising awareness of these crucial issues.

This was a very interesting piece of drama put together by a very talented cast of young performers and writers. It is very powerful in the environmental message it puts over and succeeds in making the audience think about the part we all have to play, individually and collectively, in the future of our planet.

North WestEnd Review

What’s Next?

We are keen to keep creative and as a new production company we are always looking for funding and sponsorship to help us produce our projects. Any donations are greatly welcomed. If you have any questions or would like to sponsor us, please do get in touch with us at

Mrs. Noah Preview


Poppy Abbott – Mrs. Noah, Townsperson

Poppy is an actor and voiceover artist currently based in the South West. She has a degree in English and Drama and trained at Identity School of Acting. Poppy has appeared in many independent shorts and most notably played the lead role in The Angelikes, which premiered on Amazon Prime. Poppy is one of the founders of Untamed Community and consequently Untamed Productions.

icon Spotlight performer

Lauren Alexandra – God

Lauren trained at Arts Ed and has recently finished filming a new Netflix Series. She can currently be seen as the lead role of Daisy in SPOT BOTS, a children’s educational TV series (BBC) and as the face of SPECSAVERS global campaign. She has performed alongside Kenneth Branagh in THE ENTERTAINER (The Garrick Theatre) and covered the lead role of Nala in Disney’s West End production of THE LION KING (Lyceum Theatre). She has also been in various global commercial campaigns. Lauren is one of the founders of Untamed Community.

icon Spotlight performer

Alice Wolff-Whitehouse – Mrs. Japheth, Ham, Townsperson

Alice Wolff-Whitehouse is an actor-musician based in Hackney, East London. She is a recent graduate of Rose Bruford’s Acting MA (2019), and East 15’s World Performance BA (2015). Her latest live works include her debut one-woman-show Swine of the Times at the Bread and Roses (Feb 2020) and the Ancient Greek Comedy Ploutos at The Space in London (October 2020). She manages new comedy company Mighty Mammal Theatre along with facilitating workshops on embodied character and is a long standing member of The Ukulele Ska Collective. Alice composed the music for Mrs. Noah.

icon Spotlight performer

Jordan Julien – Noah

Jordan is a highly acclaimed actor with lead role credits on stage and screen. He believes the play sends a powerful message about respecting our home and highlights how our own ignorance impacts future generations’ quality of living. I hope it will make people realise that they can make a difference. Yes you, reading this right now. There’s something you can do, big or small, to help the planet. You’re important.

Jordan Julien

Emma Hodgkinson Mrs. Jonah, Shem, Townsperson

Emma graduated from Rose Bruford College with an MA in Actor Performer Training in 2019. She is currently playing Oberon (among other characters) in Heartbreak Productions’ national tour of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM. She published her debut poetry collection GETTING OVER MYSELF (AND OTHER PEOPLE) in 2020 and has been commissioned to write for stage (TINSEL IN MY PANTS) and screen (ESCAPE FROM LOCKDOWN). Emma is one of the founders of Untamed Community.

icon Spotlight performer

Fraser Fraser – Japheth, Suzi, Reverend John

Originally from North West England, Fraser has been performing since the age of 10. His credits include ‘The Visitor’; Fabface Productions – which is how he became involved with Untamed and although this is his first digital production he hopes to pursue more alternative theatre. Currently training at Identity School of Acting.

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Poppy Abbott – Director and Producer

Poppy has thoroughly enjoyed the challenges of producing a digital production and although directing via a computer screen is not the same as being in the room, it has been great fun. Digital theatre is a testament that art will never die, despite the trials and tribulations we may face!

Karen Lockyer – Producer and Art Director

Karen’s previous work includes writer, producer and co-director of The Visitor, a short one act play, which was performed at the Camden Fringe festival London and Shaftesbury Fringe festival in Dorset. Karen is producing  and lending her wisdom to all things creative to Mrs Noah Fights Back! notably the artwork for the animation.

Juliann Pichelski – Stage Manager

Juliann Pichelski is an operator, theatre technician and stage manager. She has worked as a stage manager on many different shows including Space Age Love Songs at The Two Brewers, Alison Jackson: Double Fake at Leicester Square Theatre, Sholom Aleichem at The Lion and Unicorn, and Remember the Clause, a festival of LGBTQ+ plays at The Courtyard Theatre. Juliann got her start in theatre by pushing scenery as a supernumerary in Mr. Foote’s Other Leg at The Lyric Hammersmith and Theatre Royal Haymarket.

Juliann Pichelski

Alice Wolff-Whitehouse – Musical Director, co-composer and singer. 

‘Mrs Noah Fights Back!’ is Alice’s MD debut, she has had an incredible time working with such a talented team to build this world through sound and she looks forward to working on new musical projects in the future. Alice is also a long-standing singer and player in The Ukulele Ska Collective based in East London. 


Stefan Taylor – Music producer and composer

Producer, co-composer and musician on ‘God we Praise You!’, ‘Building the Boat’, ‘Japheth and the Dove’ and ‘We are Rising up’.Stefan is the lead singer of Northern Soul band ‘The Signatures’ with debut album being released in the coming months. 


Loris Scarpa – Music producer and composer

Producer, co-composer and musician on ‘Trailer Music’ and ‘It Ain’t Easy Being a Wife’. Loris is an actor-musician graduating from Rose Bruford in 2021. 

Vocal Sessions – Sound engineer/vocal recording

Vocal Sessions is a South East London-based recording studio specialising in video singing reels and content for social media. Created by songwriter and music producer Jack Hawitt.

Vocal Sessions


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Susan Jonas




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